Recruiting Best Practices for 2016: New Research and Insights

Free On-Demand Webinar: Recruiting Best Practices for 2016: New Research and Insights

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Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain talent in the coming year? The HR Daily Advisor Research Team, in partnership with SilkRoad, has the latest information on how HR professionals and recruiters are addressing these challenges in the real world. In this interactive webcast, we will share the findings of our research, along with insights into how these findings can help your company in the war for talent.

Online recruiting has become a quintessential aspect of recruiting overall. This raises a few important questions. To what extent is online recruiting being used? How exactly is it being used—and what about online recruiting works and what doesn’t? Additionally, have traditional methods of recruiting disappeared in the wake of online recruiting, or are they still being used in tandem? The purpose of our research was to answer these and other related questions, including:

  • Do companies have a recruiting strategy, and if so, what best describes it?
  • Which resources are used for recruiting?
  • Are organizations open to negotiating salary or benefits with candidates?
  • How is recruiting software and/or metrics coming into play?

Watch this webinarto learn the answers to these questions and more!