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Recruiting College Graduates: A Lesson in Perspective

Lots of people agree that recruiting college students is a whole different animal than other types of recruiting. It helps to know where the latest batch of college graduates is coming from, what makes them tick, and what they consider to be the most important. Today we take a look at a recent survey by […]

Different Expectations Across Generations

Yesterday we discussed some of the ways that different generations view ideas like success and the ideal workplace environment. Today we’ll look at six more hotly debated areas of workforce culture. On mobile usage. High school students (66%) are more likely than current workers (52%) to say it is okay to check one’s mobile device […]

Different Generations, Different Career Expectations

Are you more ambitious than a 12th-grader? They may not be in the workforce as adults just yet, but as the next generation of workers, high school seniors have already formed solid opinions about life in the working world. A new survey by CareerBuilder explores this topic. A new CareerBuilder survey looks at how the […]