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Don’t Focus Too Much on GPA

Recent and soon-to-be college graduates often bemoan or revel in their grade point averages (GPAs), depending on the number, as they apply for postgraduation employment. Even those in the workforce for several years often keep their GPA as an important line item on their résumés.


How to Identify a Leader in the Recruitment Process (Part 2)

Continuing on from part one, the other factor in identifying a leader in the recruitment process is the brain’s “ambiguity relief” process, which identifies the process of how people interpret information and get clarity.


Does GPA Matter When It Comes to Hiring?

Getting good grades in high school helps you get into a good college, but does getting good grades in college help you land a good job? Do companies even look at grade point averages (GPAs) when reviewing candidates’ résumés? If you’re like the 12% of C-Suite executives who say grades matter in the hiring process, […]