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4 Trends to Expect in the Year Ahead

In part one of this article, we covered the top three trends that are expected to dominate the 2019 workforce. Here, we’ll cover four additional trends you should be aware of in the year ahead.


Retaining Star Power

In the 12 months through July, the U.S. economy created 66.7 million hires only to be nearly matched by 64.2 million separations. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has noted the high quit rates indicate a near full employment of the U.S. workforce.


5 Key Strategies for a Successful High Volume Hiring Process

Seasonal hiring has gotten even more challenging in recent years, as unemployment rates hover around historic lows and the number of jobs that have been added has increased. In certain markets and for high-demand skill sets, the unemployment rate is even lower—often less than 2%.

Retaining Employees During and After a Merger or Acquisition

Keeping top talent during a merger or acquisition is arguably critical to the transaction and the future success of the new organization. Yet retaining employees during times of transition can be challenging. In today’s job market especially, staff members may be inclined to jump the corporate ship in search of calmer waters.