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7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting

Forty-one percent of jobseekers looked for their job while in bed, says Claire Alloway, marketing manager at Jobvite. That’s a good indicator of how recruiting—and the deadly sins of recruiting—have changed. Alloway and Danielle Durante, marketing coordinator at Glassdoor, offered their recruiting sins during a recent webinar sponsored by Glassdoor. Here’s what they had to […]

The Risks of Contingent Workers

In yesterday’s Advisor, business consultant Bridget Miller presented some of the benefits of recruiting contingent workers for your organization. Today, Miller highlights the risks involved. What Are the Risks? There can be downsides to having contingent workers. Here are some of the concerns: Employee morale may be affected. Depending on the implementation of a contingent […]

The Breakdown of At-Will Employment

Yesterday’s Advisor covered when at-will employment doesn’t hold up. Each state has many exceptions, and today we’ll cover a few more, as well as discuss how employers can make sure their at-will policies stick. Situations Where At-Will Employment Will Not Apply, cont.: In addition to when an at-will employment is superseded by an actual contract, […]

Catering to Candidates with Student Loans

By Holly Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor In yesterday’s Advisor, we took a look at why certain 401(k) benefits are not as attractive to candidates with significant student loan debt. These candidates might not be able to contribute, and so the benefit becomes a nonbenefit. Today we’ll explore how employers can offer an alternate benefit […]

Forking Over for a 401(k): Not if You Have Student Loans

By Holly Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor Take a moment and picture your workforce. Employees come in each day and serve customers, build products, promote brands, and counsel clients, but what is their “Why?” What are the primary factors that drive your employees to come into work, even when they have a case of The […]

Fix Your Company’s Glassdoor Profile Now!

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed how Glassdoor® continues to expand beyond just a place for people to blow off steam, and how this website’s growth can negatively influence your brand. Today, we’ll learn what you can do about it. I Want To Change… My Glassdoor Profile Regardless of how you are being represented on Glassdoor, there is […]

Stop Throwing Stones at Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s reputation brands it as the place where disgruntled and unhappy employees or job interviewees go to blow off steam. Why is this a problem for your company? Because in reality, Glassdoor® is much more than a complaint site. It’s quickly becoming one of the top sites for posting and finding jobs, and its database […]

DOL Cracks Down on Independent Contractor Classification

A recent effort by the Department of Labor (DOL) to revisit how employees versus independent contractors are classified makes it clear that they mean business. Perhaps the most startling feature of their new effort involves how the DOL will likely consider all workers to be employees rather than independent contractors. Only those who fit strict […]

It’s Always a Good Idea to Plan Ahead

In yesterday’s Advisor we looked at reasons 1 through 8 for having a succession plan at your organization. Today we’ll look at the rest of them! Planning ahead can be a hassle, but it behooves a company to spend some time looking at their internal talent and thinking about who could replace who in a pinch. […]

14 Reasons You Should Have a Succession Plan

Having a contingency plan for when one or more of your employees leave the company can be the difference between a smooth transition and a lengthy, costly process. Today we’ll discuss the most compelling reasons you should have succession planning at your company. Does your business have a formal succession plan in place for any […]