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Ban-the-Box Laws on the Increase

Indiana recently became the first state in the nation to prohibit all local ban-the-box laws. Senate Bill 312, signed into law by Gov. Eric Holcomb, outlaws city and county legal entities from enacting local ban-the-box legislation in order to unify legislation at the statewide level.

The Risks of Contingent Workers

In yesterday’s Advisor, business consultant Bridget Miller presented some of the benefits of recruiting contingent workers for your organization. Today, Miller highlights the risks involved. What Are the Risks? There can be downsides to having contingent workers. Here are some of the concerns: Employee morale may be affected. Depending on the implementation of a contingent […]

Contingent Workers—Are They Right for Your Organization?

Have you heard the term “contingent worker”? What does that mean? Who does it include? Business consultant Bridget Miller has some answers for us regarding this special type of new hire. In practical terms, a “contingent worker” would be any worker who is hired just for a specific job or task (a “contingent” piece of […]

More Untouchable Application Questions

Yesterday’s Advisor presented some undesirable employment application questions, including those that concern protected activity or reveal disability information. Today, consultant Bridget Miller shares more questions that your application shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. AVOID: Questions That Could Appear to Discriminate Based on Aspects That May Be Covered by State Laws or Other Regulations Here […]

Employment Applications: Don’t Touch These Questions with a 10-Foot Pole!

Has your organization considered all the legal ramifications surrounding its employment applications? Sure, you must have enough questions to gather what you need to assess the candidate, but they should be the RIGHT questions. What questions may present legal problems or employee privacy issues? We have some help for our readers, courtesy of business consultant […]

Recruiting Tools 2015: Twitter and Facebook?

While the fundamentals of sourcing remain timeless—attracting the notice of great candidates and encouraging them to get in touch with your organization—there are now more ways than ever to go about it. Is Twitter one of them? Facebook?