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The Future of Work Is All ‘Talk’

Consumers today are hot on conversational artificial intelligence (AI), whether they’re shopping online via mobile-based digital assistants (e.g., Siri or The Google Assistant) or tapping their smart speaker (e.g., the Amazon Echo or Google Home) for flight updates, travel tips, and local weather information for their travel destinations.


Tech Leaders Report Urgent Hiring Needs for 2019

As technology keeps evolving over time, so does the need to have talent to support this evolution. As we’ve seen with many industries over the past year, there is a shortage of skilled talent and this is especially true for the technology industry.


8 Talent Trends to Watch in 2019

When we look back at 2018, what’s the most common trend that comes to mind? A tight labor market due to low unemployment. Sadly, it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be similar, however, recruiters and hiring managers can stay ahead of the curve by being prepared and knowing what’s being predicted for the […]


Amazon Go Stores Show Future of Automation

Fears of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation taking people’s jobs are increasingly common as new technologies emerge that seem to make many aspects of certain jobs—especially routine, low-skilled labor jobs—potentially obsolete. We’ve written a lot about how these fears are often overblown.


Is AI Recruiting Discrimination Inevitable?

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the idea that using artificial intelligence (AI) or big data in the recruiting process doesn’t eliminate problems with discrimination and bias. Perhaps counter-intuitively, these methods can actually emphasize bias if we’re not careful because the machine doesn’t know any better. It can only assess the (often imperfect) traits it is told to […]


3 Career Fields Robots Can’t Replace

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have proven to be useful to recruiters and hiring managers, who were early adopters of the technology. While many fear that this technology will eventually replace human jobs, there are just some roles that require that specific human touch.