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Cost Per Hire Calculator

In order to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruiting function, many employers calculate the cost per hire. Cost per hire is calculated by adding up all of the expenses associated with recruiting and then dividing that amount by the number of new hires during the period. This worksheet calculates cost per hire based on the information you input.

Recruiting Best Practices: Finding and Attracting Talent in 2015’s Challenging Business Climate (Summary)

Two recent BLR surveys detail best practices for recruiting today. BLR’s Recruiting and Retention Survey, conducted in November 2014, sought to learn what’s happening in real-world recruiting. The Recruitment Metrics and Costs Survey questioned participants about what metrics are used to evaluate recruiting and which are most effective.This summary report details:

  • Who’s using what software?
  • What’s the role of social media?
  • What metrics meaningfully describe recruiting productivity and quality?