Infographic: Misconceptions About Popular Work Perks

When Millennials first entered the workforce, there was a mad rush to get trendy perks and incentives in place to attract this age group. However, now that Millennials make up a majority of the workforce, potential candidates and employees, alike, are speaking out about what work perks they actually want.

According to research from global staffing firm Robert Half, flexible work schedules, a compressed workweek and the ability to telecommute are the most sought-after nonmonetary perquisites. However, while many companies offer flexible work schedules, fewer than one in five offer shorter workweeks or remote work options.

“In today’s competitive hiring environment, job candidates are looking at more than just salary and bonus — they seek the complete package and place added emphasis on quality of life,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “Companies that don’t offer in-demand nonmonetary perks in addition to a competitive salary and benefits are not likely to land or keep top performers.”

Robert Half surveyed more than 1,500 workers and more than 600 HR managers in North America to find out what workers actually want, and the results have been compiled into the infographic, below.