Infographic: It Cost How Much to Employ All Those Elves?

We all know the high costs associated with employee turnover—roughly $450 to $550 billion a year, which is why it’s vital you offer new hires a good onboarding experience, as well as a great company culture to keep them sticking around.

With Christmas right around the corner, the luxury travel agency—True Luxury.Travel—uncovered the surprising costs of maintaining Santa’s workshop. When considering the cost of Santa’s workshop operation there are a variety of factors to take into account, from the manufacturing costs of toy production, to a fair wage for the elves, plus the cost of gas and electricity to keep the workshop and the living areas up and running, to name just a few. In analyzing the cost of running Santa’s workshop in real life the company decided to break down each of these core factors.

So just how much would it cost to run Santa’s workshop in real life? Find out in the infographic, below.