Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting Gen Z Talent

Now that Millennials make up a majority of the workforce, it’s safe to say we’re all on board with how to attract and retain this generation of workers. Now it’s time to focus on the next generation: Generation Z (Gen Z).

Gen Z is made up of everyone born between 1995 and 2010, which means that the oldest Gen Zers are about 22 years old and have either been working for a good few years or have just finished college and are ready to make their mark. If you’re looking to attract and retain the next generation of workers, it helps to know a thing or two about them and what they look for in an employer.

Silver Swan Recruitment recently analyzed a variety of data sets and surveys to find out everything you need to know to successfully recruit and maintain Gen Zers in 2019. The findings are highlighted in the infographic below, but to learn more, click here.