Category: Sourcing

Finding and connecting with the candidates you want is an increasingly difficult challenge. From mining social media sites to posting opportunities, sourcing is where recruiting success begins.

Top Talent—Gone in 60 Seconds?

Well, not 60 seconds, but 10 days according to internationally known HR thought leader John Sullivan, PhD. Citing research by, Sullivan says that the best candidates tend to stay in the job market for 10 days. If you wait, you lower your quality of hire, Sullivan says. These tips came during his session at […]

How Valuable Are Transferable Skills?

Yesterday we heard from David Dourgarian, CEO of TempWorks Software on an outside-the-box hire he made of an individual named Ryan. Ryan worked at a bowling alley, and his excellent customer service spoke to Dourgarian. Today we’ll hear more about that experience.


The Résumé: Finding Talent Everywhere

For HR and hiring managers, finding new employees rarely goes beyond the traditional résumé and interview process. However, sometimes the best candidate for the job doesn’t know the opportunity exists.

The Risks of Contingent Workers

In yesterday’s Advisor, business consultant Bridget Miller presented some of the benefits of recruiting contingent workers for your organization. Today, Miller highlights the risks involved. What Are the Risks? There can be downsides to having contingent workers. Here are some of the concerns: Employee morale may be affected. Depending on the implementation of a contingent […]

Contingent Workers—Are They Right for Your Organization?

Have you heard the term “contingent worker”? What does that mean? Who does it include? Business consultant Bridget Miller has some answers for us regarding this special type of new hire. In practical terms, a “contingent worker” would be any worker who is hired just for a specific job or task (a “contingent” piece of […]

Practical Tips for Hard-to-Fill Requirements

In yesterday’s Advisor, BLR® Contributing Editor Jennifer Carsen, JD, helped us understand the hiring shortages in the new economy. Today, we present her techniques for filling those hard-to-fill positions. Practical Solutions for Hard-to-Fills Regardless of the impact of the skills gap, the bottom line is that there is a lot employers can do proactively to […]