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More and more organizations are finding that top candidates are more reachable through social media channels than through traditional means.

UPS: 322,000 LI, 72,000 FB, 32,000 Twitter

Yesterday’s Advisor covered the United Parcel Service, Inc.’s (UPS) social media recruiting plan for hiring 100,000 employees in the next few months. Today we will discuss more on UPS, including its social media presence and lessons learned. Employee Videos at the Heart Creating and sharing authentic employee videos has been at the heart of our […]

‘We Need to Hire About 100,000 New Employees’

“We need to hire 95,000 to 100,000 new employees in the next few months,” says Tammy Caldwell, United Parcel Service, Inc.’s (UPS) director of talent acquisition. Your hiring needs may not be that gargantuan, but you can learn from UPS’s strong social and mobile recruiting program. UPS, recent winner of the 2013 Workforce Optimas Gold […]

A Brave New World of Recruiting with Social Media

Yesterday, Kelly Dingee introduced us to why social media is so important for sourcing and recruiting. Today we’ll learn what makes it so different and why it’s just the powerful tool you’ve been looking for. Dingee is the director of strategic recruiting at Staffing Advisors. She highlighted some helpful tips in a recent webinar presented […]

Using Facebook for Background Checks

Should you consider using Facebook as part of your background screening process? It may be beneficial because it could turn up potential problems and keep you from hiring someone who could be a problem later on. But it can also be a risk because Facebook pages are known to contain an abundance of personal information—and […]

Using Twitter for Recruiting: Worth the Effort?

Many employers regularly use social media as part of the hiring process. Some use LinkedIn to post jobs. Some use Facebook as part of their screening process. Fewer, however, see Twitter as a viable resource in recruiting. Why is that? Can Twitter be used as an efficient and beneficial part of the recruitment process? Let’s […]