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Once candidates are found, a variety of measures may help employers choose the final candidate. This may involve interviews, tests, assessment centers, or other means of evaluation.

Adding a Personal Touch for Improved Hiring

ManpowerGroup Solutions has released a report, “Making the Connection: Best Practices in Candidate Experience,” based on research into candidate preferences, behaviors, and motivators. The report finds one in three prospective employees wants to receive more detailed information—not only about the specific job opportunity, but about the company itself—as well as more frequent, human connection. The […]

Don’t Touch These Topics in an Interview

Yesterday’s Advisor explored a number of topics to avoid in any job interview. Legal pitfalls during interviews are everywhere, and it’s easy to wander into difficult territory. Today we’ll explore some more common topics to avoid during an interview, and why. Avoid Asking Anything that Can Lead to Ageism The Age Discrimination in Employment Act […]

What Not to Ask During an Interview

Do your hiring managers know what questions to steer clear of during the interview process? Interview questions should stick to specific questions that directly relate to the individual’s ability to perform the job. Questions that stray from this goal are often problematic and can get the employer into legal trouble or can raise red flags […]

Team Interviews: Save Time, Hire Better Candidates

Team interviewing, sometimes known as panel interviewing, can be a valuable way to avoid some common one-on-one interview pitfalls. Unfortunately, team interviews have pitfalls of their own. Here’s some practical knowledge about conducting team interviews that will be valuable whether you are just beginning to use them or have been using them for years. Are […]

More Untouchable Application Questions

Yesterday’s Advisor presented some undesirable employment application questions, including those that concern protected activity or reveal disability information. Today, consultant Bridget Miller shares more questions that your application shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. AVOID: Questions That Could Appear to Discriminate Based on Aspects That May Be Covered by State Laws or Other Regulations Here […]

Employment Applications: Don’t Touch These Questions with a 10-Foot Pole!

Has your organization considered all the legal ramifications surrounding its employment applications? Sure, you must have enough questions to gather what you need to assess the candidate, but they should be the RIGHT questions. What questions may present legal problems or employee privacy issues? We have some help for our readers, courtesy of business consultant […]

Social Media Screening: Prevalence and Practice

In yesterday’s Advisor, Jason Morris, president of EmployeeScreenIQ of Cleveland, Ohio, shared his earned and not-so-earned (diploma mill) degrees. Today, his tips for social media screening. Does your organization conduct online media searches as a means of screening candidates in the hiring process? According to EmployeeScreenIQ’s Survey, about 63% of organizations do not; about 30% […]