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Once candidates are found, a variety of measures may help employers choose the final candidate. This may involve interviews, tests, assessment centers, or other means of evaluation.

New Marijuana Laws and Your Drug Policy

Yesterday’s Advisor explored how legal marijuana use and drug interviews and policies mix. Today, more from Tim Thoelecke on that topic, plus some handy tips. By Tim Thoelecke Marijuana is mainstream, or trying to be. Indeed, many have made the assumption that marijuana is no longer the danger that we once thought it was. Oddly, […]

Your Drug Policy and Marijuana Legalization

A number of states have various degrees of marijuana legalization. What does that mean for drug testing during hiring and other drug policy matters? Tim Thoelecke helps us find out. By Tim Thoelecke In fact, an estimated 23.9 million Americans currently use illicit drugs. Two-thirds of those are employed and may be working for you! […]

Tempted to Ask, But Shouldn’t

Yesterday’s Advisor briefed on impermissible preemployment inquiries; today, we present more inquiries that you may not have realized you need to avoid. Persons to Notify in Case of Emergency Questions should not be asked about the names and addresses of a job applicant’s relatives. Such inquiries may lead to information related to an applicant’s marital […]

The Ups and Downs of Team Interviews

Interviewing techniques are constantly evolving, and one of the products of that evolution is team interviews. In today’s Advisor, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons to team interviews. Of course you want to hire the best applicant for the job. And, you want your hiring processes to help achieve that goal. Many organizations […]

Making the Most of Video Interviews

Yesterday’s Advisor explored the increasing use of video interviewing as part of the recruiting process. Today we’ll discuss some of the technologies available for companies that want to begin using video interviewing as well as some of the best video interviewing strategies. By Dave Imbrogno, president, ADP® National Account Services HCM Technology As the Internet […]

Video Interviews Continue to Capture the Attention of Recruiters

Video interviewing has rapidly become a mainstay of the recruiting and talent acquisition process. In fact, according to a recent Aberdeen Report, surveyed companies said they were 61 percent more likely to use video at some point in their talent acquisition process. By Dave Imbrogno, president, ADP® National Account Services HCM Organizations are implementing video […]

Adding a Personal Touch for Improved Hiring

ManpowerGroup Solutions has released a report, “Making the Connection: Best Practices in Candidate Experience,” based on research into candidate preferences, behaviors, and motivators. The report finds one in three prospective employees wants to receive more detailed information—not only about the specific job opportunity, but about the company itself—as well as more frequent, human connection. The […]

Don’t Touch These Topics in an Interview

Yesterday’s Advisor explored a number of topics to avoid in any job interview. Legal pitfalls during interviews are everywhere, and it’s easy to wander into difficult territory. Today we’ll explore some more common topics to avoid during an interview, and why. Avoid Asking Anything that Can Lead to Ageism The Age Discrimination in Employment Act […]