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Once candidates are found, a variety of measures may help employers choose the final candidate. This may involve interviews, tests, assessment centers, or other means of evaluation.

Is It Time to Stop Screening for Pot When Hiring?

Research from outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas finds that as of mid February, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states, while medicinal marijuana is legal in 29 states. Yet, despite shifting perception of marijuana, many companies still utilize drug tests that screen out job candidates who use marijuana.


Insurance Giant Nixes the Prior Pay Question

Progressive, one of the largest providers of insurance in the United States, has announced its hiring plans for 2018. It has also announced that it will no longer ask job candidates to disclose salary history.


Recruiting Outside of the Box with Arte Nathan

In yesterday’s Advisor we began to explore an episode of our HR Works podcast focusing on recruiting. Today we’ll hear more from the great discussion between our Managing Editor Steve Bruce and HR and Recruiting expert Arte Nathan. If you would like, feel free to listen to this episode (number 28) on our HR Works […]


Where Interviews Succeed and Fail

A recent survey of nearly 9,000 talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers worldwide, conducted by professional networking site LinkedIn, provides insight into the interview process, including where to focus for maximum results.


Make the Candidate Experience Your Focus

In part one of this article, we noted how frustrating it can be to lose a qualified applicant during the recruiting process—especially if that person walked away because of something the organization could have done differently. We began outlining some tips for recruiters and hiring teams to improve the candidate experience to minimize how often […]


Is It Love?

There’s no denying the spark. Your eyes lock – yes, lock – and it seems that neither of you wants to be the first to look away. The conversation flows easily – oh so easily; within half an hour, you’re finishing each other’s sentences. And the laughter. The spontaneous, mutual laughter. You’re convinced you’ve found […]