Category: Salary & Benefits

What American Employees Want for the Holidays

A recent survey from HR services provider Randstad US explores workers’ attitudes and preferences about the holiday season in the workplace. Predictably, it finds some employees enjoy the season, while others struggle with workplace merriment.

Seasonal Jobs Taking Longer to Fill

A new survey confirms what indicators have suggested. The tight labor market has employers struggling to find seasonal workers this holiday season, resulting in increased time to fill for open positions.

Is Your Company Guilty of Wage Theft?

Companies tend to focus on messaging that targets management, ignoring information employees and job seekers receive from various sources. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.


Watch Out: Gender Pay Equity Law Is on the Move

Gender pay equity is a perennial social, political, and ultimately legal issue in our country. Corporate general counsel and HR professionals have watched this issue ebb and flow, and we are now seeing a new flow, but not from where it was expected.

Workers’ Financial Woes

Living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet is a way of life for a majority of U.S. workers. And minimum wage workers aren’t the only ones struggling financially.