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Are You Offering These Benefits to Attract Top Talent?

To get candidates interested in your company, you need to know what they’re looking for. Offering a competitive salary and health insurance isn’t enough. In order to win the war for talent, your company should be offering a robust benefits package that stands out from your competition.


Salary and Bonus Pay Attract Talent, but Is There Bias?

In a tight labor market, employers are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain top talent. Many companies offer generous benefits packages, flexible work hours, and other incentives. But data consistently show that financial compensation in the form of salaries and bonuses still represents the biggest draw for many employees.


5 Companies That Excel at Attracting Working Dads

We hear a lot about the need to attract working mothers to the workforce and what types of benefits companies should be offering this demographic in order to stand out among the competition. Yet, we hear little about how to attract working fathers.


Amazon Takes Steps to Pay Employees a Living Wage

With growing income inequality and fears of losing low-skilled jobs to automation and new technologies like artificial intelligence, there have been increasing calls throughout the country for a “living wage.”