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8 Million Jobs Will Be Added Over the Next 5 Years

Yes, you read that headline correctly, eight million jobs will be created over the next 5 years! Even though employers are already struggling to attract new talent, more and more new roles are being created every minute. However, a new study from CareerBuilder finds that there is a hollowing effect in the labor market where […]


Small Businesses Place Blame on Big Businesses for Hiring Challenges

Results from a recent survey of small business owners conducted by Survey Monkey and CNBC found that “16% of small business owners (but 41% of small businesses with 50 employees or more) have had open positions for at least three months.” That’s a pretty big number for those 50+-employee companies. And those businesses have some thoughts on […]


iCIMS: September Hires Rose 0.1%, Job Openings Rose 0.8%

There’s good news and bad news regarding September hiring insights, recently released by iCIMS. The good news is for jobseekers as the number of job openings rose to 0.8%. While the number of new hires also increased, the bad news for employers is the struggle remains for finding talent.  


The Current State of Job Searches

We’ve talked a lot about the candidate experience and how many jobseekers are looking for a more high-tech, high-touch approach to applying for a position with your company. In order to fully understand what jobseekers are looking for, you must understand the current state of job searches.


Growing Importance Placed on Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Employees with Disabilities

Recruiting Daily Advisor has explained the importance of hiring workers with disabilities on multiple occasions (here, here, and here) and how this diverse group of workers can provide many benefits to your company. According to a new survey, there is even more importance being placed on hiring workers with disabilities. Let’s take a look.


Flexible Schedules: Long Commute Times May Be Off-Putting to Candidates

A long commute may be a deal breaker for some candidates, as a new survey from Robert Half shows that 23% of respondents have left their current employer due to a lengthy commute. If your company is trying to attract and retain workers who live in rural areas, and have long commutes because of it, […]


What Frustrates Jobseekers Most About the Recruiting Process?

Lack of communication? Inaccurate job descriptions? Long response times? These topics are always frequently named when talking about improving the candidate experience, but what, exactly, is the most frustrating thing jobseekers cite about the recruiting process? The answer may or may not surprise you.


Automation Could Ultimately Create More Jobs than It Destroys

As technology continues to improve the way we work and live, it’s understandable to think that these “machines” will one day take over. However, unlike the Hollywood blockbuster movies would have you believe, machines aren’t taking over. In fact, automation is expected to double the number of open positions over the next decade.


Industry Trends: Banking Sees Compensation Increases to Get Talent in the Door

While the banking industry may not be applicable to your area of recruiting, it’s always nice to see what other industries are doing to attract and retain talent. And according to a new survey, many banks are increasing salaries to attract and retain lower-level employees to keep them stick around, rather than losing them to […]