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Discrimination Against Cancer Survivors

Yesterday’s Advisor explored a recent survey stating that cancer survivors were more likely to be afraid to disclose their situation and that interviewers were less likely to call them back. Today, the conclusion of that survey. Conclusions on Health Conditions, Diversity, and Discrimination In a new study from Rice University and Penn State, researchers make […]

Why Are Applicants Afraid to Disclose Being Cancer Survivors?

The reasons are twofold. First, they feel less likely to get a callback. And second, according to a recent survey, they are less likely—by 16%—to get a callback. A Harris Poll for Cancer and Careers recently found that 61% of respondents’ fear that disclosing their cancer diagnosis would lessen their chances of getting hired. Also, […]

Recruiters Say What Sways Them in the Interview

Yesterday’s Advisor offered interesting results of a recently released survey from recruiting technology provider Jobvite®. Today, we present the rest of Jobvite’s results. Referrals The survey reports that 78% of recruiters find their best-quality candidates through referrals. This is up from 60% in 2014. Following along, 41% of recruiters plan to invest more in referrals […]

Referrals Still King: Jobvite® Recruiting Survey

In a competitive and complex job market, relationships reign supreme, says a recently-released survey from recruiting technology provider Jobvite. Seventy-eight percent of responding recruiters said they found their best-quality candidates through referrals. Highlights of the Jobvite Survey Recruiters are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market. 95% of recruiters anticipate the job market to […]

Different Expectations Across Generations

Yesterday we discussed some of the ways that different generations view ideas like success and the ideal workplace environment. Today we’ll look at six more hotly debated areas of workforce culture. On mobile usage. High school students (66%) are more likely than current workers (52%) to say it is okay to check one’s mobile device […]

Different Generations, Different Career Expectations

Are you more ambitious than a 12th-grader? They may not be in the workforce as adults just yet, but as the next generation of workers, high school seniors have already formed solid opinions about life in the working world. A new survey by CareerBuilder explores this topic. A new CareerBuilder survey looks at how the […]

Lipstick on Your Mirror, Wet Blankets in Your Face

In yesterday’s Advisor, psychologist Bruce Christopher shared tips for dealing with difficult people, or Godzillas, that you may face in the workplace. Today, we discuss three scenarios that illustrate Christopher’s techniques. Scenario #1: The Lipstick Girls Christopher offers the following story about a school principal who was having trouble with a group of 7th grade […]

Dealing with the Godzillas in Your Workplace

Difficult people—whiners, liars, know-it-alls, condescenders, busybodies, lazy bones, and exploders, and those who are always right—are everywhere, says psychologist Bruce Christopher. Our Godzillas can be our coworkers, customers, supervisors, neighbors, and even family members, says psychologist Bruce Christopher, who offered his tips at the recent Society for Human Resource Management’s Annual Conference and Exposition in […]

SHRM Exposition Special: Groundbreaking Software for Performance Management and Onboarding

In yesterday’s Advisor we learned about software that attempts to eliminate employee lawsuits. Today, information on groundbreaking software that streamlines onboarding and performance management. BambooHR, well known for its HR management software, has added two major components for performance appraisal and orientation, CEO Ben Peterson announced at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual […]

Happy to Be Average? Average People Die of Heart Disease

OK with being average? 115/75 is average blood pressure, says Dr. Mehmet Oz. But what happens to average people? They die of heart disease. When it comes to your health, don’t settle for average, he says. Oz was a keynote speaker at the recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exhibition in […]