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Employers Report Upbeat Hiring Intentions for Q2 2019

As we head into the second quarter (Q2) of 2019, one thing that remains the same is the positive hiring trend employers continue to report, with the leisure and hospitality industry continuing to lead the way in positive hiring intentions.

Experts Predict Job Growth May Start Slowing Down

What goes up, must come down, right? At least that’s what some experts think when it comes to private-sector employment in 2019. While job growth has remained consistent in the first part of the year, some experts are predicting that we’ve reached our peak.


Efficiency is Critical for Recruiting Success in 2019

As we go deeper into 2019, employers across the country are turning to technology to help fill vacant roles, speed up the hiring process, and offer candidates and employees an experience they’ll never forget. Hiring intentions continue to remain steady and because of this, more employers are now realizing that efficiency is the key to […]


6 Tips for Recruiting Legal Professionals

When it comes to skilled labor, the legal industry is facing a talent shortage—much like the rest of employers across the United States—but that’s not the only challenge legal professionals are facing.


Trump Signals Potential Place for Skilled Foreign Workers

President Donald Trump has turned much of traditional American politics on its head, and many of his policies have put some traditional Republican allies in a tough position. While these traditional allies may support some of the president’s policies, they cringe at others. Case in point: the business community.


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find Out What It Means to Jobseekers

The late, great Aretha Franklin once sang those famous letters, calling for “respect.” Our apologies if the song is now stuck in your head, it’s stuck in ours too! While Aretha was singing about getting respect from a lover, new survey findings show that jobseekers and employees want respect from employers … and not just a […]


AI Not Living Up to Promise of Less-Biased Recruiting

One of the factors often cited as contributing to racial and gender disparities in the workplace is discrimination in the hiring process. This could come in the form of explicit discrimination against women or people of color by a hiring manager.