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Sourcing candidates from within the company has great advantages—you know what sort of worker you are dealing with, and morale is boosted for everyone who sees internal opportunity.

Bad Employees: Bringing Everyone Down

From the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in Washington D.C.! We all know how damaging bad employees can be. Besides their own lack of productivity, they can be like an infection—causing others around them to misbehave as well. Today we’ll get some tips from Greg Hare, an employment lawyer at Ogletree Deakins Law Firm […]

Are You Using Stay Interviews?

Turnover costs employers more than they’d like to admit. On average, an employee stays at a position for 4.6 years. Additionally, many employers believe that their college graduates won’t stay more than 2 years. How can you deal with this problem, especially in a climate of talent shortages? The answer just might be the stay […]

The Results of our 2015 HiPo Survey Are In!

Yesterday’s Advisor began to take a look at the results of BLR’s 2015 High Potential Employee (HiPo) survey. Today we’ll examine the rest of those results. Talent Management 55.3% of respondents make use of succession planning, and 51.1% use talent pipelines as talent management strategies. 39% of survey takers said that they make use of […]

HiPos Survey Results: How Do You Compare?

The results of the 2015 High Potential Employee (HiPo) survey are in. Take a look at the results, and see how your company compares to those of your competitors. Highlights of the HiPos and Succession Planning Survey: While 92.3% feel that identifying HiPos is important, only 44% of respondents say their company actively attempts to […]

Don’t Hire New People, Engage your Current People

In yesterday’s Advisor we explored how damaging high employee turnover can be, and some ways to combat it. Today we’ll talk about more strategies for ensuring that you don’t have to hire replacements for your current employees any time soon. As we discussed yesterday, a recent survey states that one in three employees is likely […]

It’s Always a Good Idea to Plan Ahead

In yesterday’s Advisor we looked at reasons 1 through 8 for having a succession plan at your organization. Today we’ll look at the rest of them! Planning ahead can be a hassle, but it behooves a company to spend some time looking at their internal talent and thinking about who could replace who in a pinch. […]

14 Reasons You Should Have a Succession Plan

Having a contingency plan for when one or more of your employees leave the company can be the difference between a smooth transition and a lengthy, costly process. Today we’ll discuss the most compelling reasons you should have succession planning at your company. Does your business have a formal succession plan in place for any […]

Are You Prepared for Internal Hiring?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the considerable upside of internal hiring. Today, how to avoid common internal hiring pitfalls. Doesn’t an Internal Hire Mean Just Another Job to Fill? Well, yes. When a chair breaks on your lawn set, it doesn’t matter how much you rearrange the remaining furniture, you will still be down a […]