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Hiring Contingents? Make Sure You’ve Planned How to Manage Them

Bringing on contingent workers can be a good way to tackle staffing challenges brought on by a number of factors, such as the need to temporarily ramp up staffing numbers during an especially busy time and to take care of tasks outside an employer’s core business. But an important part of making the decision to […]

Recruiting Remote Workers: What to Do Before Boarding the Telecommuting Bus

Both employers and employees are increasingly touting the benefits of remote work. Employers can save on equipment and real estate costs, and they’ve seen how workers are often more efficient off-site. Employees also benefit by reducing distractions and the costs and stress associated with commuting. Plus, personal satisfaction and quality of life add to the […]

What Happens When Recruiters Get It Wrong?

One common challenge in finding and hiring the best talent is the disconnect between hiring managers and recruiters, which can lead to pricey errors. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the cost of a bad hire at 30 percent of an employee’s first year earnings. With that type of money on the line, hiring managers […]

Should You Always Go for Top Talent?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about the idea that there may be both pros and cons to always trying to hire only top-level talent. While it may be tempting to think that it makes sense to shoot for the stars and hire top talent all the time, today we’ll outline a few of the challenges […]


Should You Hire a ‘Star’ Employee?

When you’re recruiting to fill a role, regardless of whether it is a newly created role or a newly vacated role, you always need to assess what type of employee you’re looking for. Are you looking for someone who is top of his or her game with the awards and accolades to prove it? Are […]

A Guide to Hiring Talent for Business Process Outsourcing

Gone are the days when customers would call customer support for every conventional technical issue or generic problem. Today online help and self-service channels cover the basics, only complicated issues or specific questions are directed to the customer center reps. The help and support team has to be prepared for out of the box queries […]