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What Looks Like a Magnet May Not Be a Magnet

At RecruitCon Road Trip East in Boston, keynote speaker Kurt Anderson, director of human resources for Definitive Healthcare, a provider of data for the healthcare industry, began his presentation by showing two images, one that looked like a magnet and another that looked like a black lump.

Stay Competitive and Well-Staffed

In part 1 of this article, we outlined why new employee salaries should take competitive pay information into account and about how setting a competitive salary level is a tool to reflect and help meet organizational goals. Now, let’s take a look at where to get data on what your competitors are paying.

What’s in Your Employee Handbook?

You won’t find it on a best-seller list, and it may not offer a respite from a busy world. Nevertheless, if you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, you’ll want to read your company’s employee handbook.

Research Unveils Markers for HiPo Candidates

In today’s competitive job market, high potential (HiPo) employees are even more of a Holy Grail than they normally are. That’s because research consistently shows that a small percentage of the workforce drives a large portion of organizational outcomes. And those star employees are multipliers, too, boosting the performance of their colleagues—especially their direct reports—by […]


Hiring Vets, a Win for Everybody

Today we have two special guests ahead of Veterans Day. We are joined by Evan Guzman, former Global Head of Military Programs and Engagement for Verizon and founder of the MiLBRAND Project as well as Carl Germann, Editorial Operations and Management at Monster.

Tips for Better Recruiting Efficiency

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about the benefits of improving recruiting efficiency and looked at efficiency tips across three aspects of the recruiting process. Today we’re continuing that list. Here are efficiency tips across three more aspects of the recruiting process.

How to Improve Your Recruiting Efficiency

When it comes to recruiting, we all know the process can be long and time-consuming. And, the longer it takes, the more it may cost in terms of lost productivity and ever-increasing administrative costs. It’s typically in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the recruiting process is as efficient as possible. Plus, having an efficient […]