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Summer Hiring Continues to Heat Up: 46,653 Summer Jobs Still Open Across the U.S.

In a previous Recruiting Daily Advisor article, research from global job search engine, Adzuna, showed that the number of open entry-level positions for recent college graduates was expected to increase, and new college hires could expect to earn over $53,000, annually. While some companies may be hiring recent college grads, others are hiring for the […]

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4 Strategies to Engage the Gen Z Workforce

Are you prepared for the next generation of workers? Unlike Millennials, Generation Z—which can be defined as those who were born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s—is more technologically inclined and globally connected than generations past. If you’re looking to recruit and engage Gen Z workers, Ryan Jenkins offers four strategies to help you […]


The Benefits of Using MSPs for Recruiting in Midsize Companies

The way people work has changed, let’s face it. Gone are the days of a 9–5 desk job; now, we have Uber, Lyft, and telecommuting. People are craving flexibility and switching to contingent careers where they aren’t tied down to just one employer. This new way of work is causing some employers to find it […]

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Generation Z: Understanding the Next Generation of Workers

If you’re sick of hearing the term “Millennials,” you’re in luck! Millennials make up a majority of the workforce, and employers and HR professionals have been talking about them for years. Now that the oldest Millennial will be 37 years old, it’s time to focus on a new generation of workers who will be, or […]


From Detasseling Corn to Worm Farming, Summer Hiring Heats Up

School is wrapping up for many across the country, which means more students will be looking for jobs to fill the void this summer. Fortunately for them, 41% of companies in a recent CareerBuilder survey say they expect to hire more summer workers for the second year in a row.


Understanding the Cost of Hiring and Onboarding New Employees

Whether you’re filling a new position to help your company grow or replacing an employee who is leaving, you’re not just filling out a slot on an organization chart. You hope to find someone who can add to the strength and capability of your group—someone who is just right for the position you want to […]


Hiring Managers and Tech Recruiters Must Align on Skills Needs and Expectations to Find Talent

A new report released by HackerRank shows that skills continue to be the number one thing hiring managers and tech recruiters look for when seeking out top tech talent. However, in order to be successful in hiring tech workers, hiring managers and tech recruiters need to align their hiring strategies to focus on measuring the […]