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The Current State of the Candidate Experience

Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with data benchmark research, has released its 2017 North American Candidate Experience research report. The organization’s research covers the best practices, platforms, and processes that enable companies to provide an exemplary recruiting experience to their job candidates.


What Can Talent Relationship Management Do for You?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about the idea of using a talent relationship management (TRM) program or system to assist with the entire recruiting process. TRM can be utilized not just to hire but also to maintain contact with and expand the long-term talent pipeline. We started to outline some of the many things TRM […]

What Is Talent Relationship Management

We’re always looking for ways to hire more effectively and efficiently, and to keep a strong pipeline of resources and potential places to find new talent. As the unemployment rate shrinks, the pool of available talent does the same and makes our efforts to find and cultivate top talent even more critical.

Keep Those Soft Skills Rolling In

In yesterday’s Advisor, we outlined a few of the many soft skills that employers are often looking for when recruiting new employees. Often, soft skills are just as important—or even more important—as technical skills and expertise required for the job. It’s tougher to teach soft skills than it is technical skills!

Bad Hires Are Widespread, and Costly

These are the main takeaways from a new CareerBuilder survey, which finds nearly three in four employers, 74 percent, have been affected by a bad hire and the average cost of one bad hire is $14,900.

Recruiting for Soft Skills

When recruiting for any role, naturally, it is important to ensure that the candidates being considered have the technical skills, expertise, and experience required to do the job. But what about the other skills that will help that individual be successful? How can you identify who will be a good team member or a good […]