Category: Employer Branding

Increasingly, potential applicants are scrutinizing employers in ways they never could before. And the company’s reputation as an employer (that is, the employment brand), is an important factor in determining whether top candidates will consider your organization.

The High Cost of High Turnover

Make no mistake: High employee turnover impacts the day-to-day operation of your business. It also sends a message to prospective job candidates, and the message isn’t “work here.”


How You Fire Impacts Your Ability to Hire

In August 2006, consumer electronics retailer RadioShack announced it would cut up to 450 jobs, mostly at its headquarters. While the jobs cuts were newsworthy, it was how the company notified employees that made headlines.


Veteran Recruiting: How Hiring Military Veterans Can Boost Your Company Brand

You probably hear a lot about hiring veterans and the value they bring into the civilian workforce. There are hundreds of articles and studies written about it. In fact, there are even data that suggest how veterans are outperforming their civilian counterparts at work. There is good reason why some companies invest in hiring veterans. […]


When Companies Take a Stand

A survey conducted last year by job site Glassdoor finds that 84 percent of Americans believe employers today have an important voice in politics.