Category: Employer Branding

Increasingly, potential applicants are scrutinizing employers in ways they never could before. And the company’s reputation as an employer (that is, the employment brand), is an important factor in determining whether top candidates will consider your organization.

How to Score Top Talent in 2018

How do you get top talent in 2018? We at BLR are always trying to get you the latest information on critical topics like this. At 1:00 pm EST we will be conducting a free webinar, Top 6 Tactics Every Recruiter Should Implement to Score Star Talent in 2018. Read on to learn more about […]


Perception Matters

Like it or not, how people perceive you is, in part, who you are. This uncomfortable truth contains valuable lessons when it comes to employment branding efforts.


What if You Could Reduce Employee Turnover?

On Friday, we heard from Author Donna Cutting on how to keep employee morale up and, therefore, reduce the amount of recruiting you need to do because of turnover. Today, we present more from Cutting.


Can You Improve Employee Morale in Just 7 Days?

According to Author Donna Cutting, you really can. Here at the Recruiting Daily Advisor, we talk a lot about how to get the best candidates, how to conduct interviews, and how to get them on board quickly and effectively. But the easiest way to conduct recruiting is to not have to recruit as often in […]


4 Tips to Combat the High Cost of Employee Disengagement

Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace survey shows that only one-third of employees are engaged at work. That leaves two-thirds of your employees that are at the very least not engaged. Some of them might even be actively disengaged! How is this influencing your company?


Do You Have a High Trust Culture?

What role does trust play in the workplace?  Employees who feel trusted are more likely to feel empowered and more likely to feel satisfied with their job. Trust is a major factor in employee engagement, and therefore in employee retention as well.