Category: Candidate Pools & Proactive Recruiting

Recruiting in the past tended to be reactive—there’s an opening, let’s fill it. But many employers are becoming more proactive by building relationships with potential candidates, creating a pool of eager applicants whenever there is an opening.

How Can You Keep Recruiting Diverse?

A diverse workforce can be a major benefit for an employer. And diversity certainly isn’t limited to simple gender diversity or race diversity. Diversity in the workplace can mean ensuring that individuals of different ages, sexual orientations, national origins, physical ability levels, religions, and even different upbringings or social backgrounds are included.


How to Score Top Talent in 2018

How do you get top talent in 2018? We at BLR are always trying to get you the latest information on critical topics like this. At 1:00 pm EST we will be conducting a free webinar, Top 6 Tactics Every Recruiter Should Implement to Score Star Talent in 2018. Read on to learn more about […]