Category: Candidate Pools & Proactive Recruiting

Recruiting in the past tended to be reactive—there’s an opening, let’s fill it. But many employers are becoming more proactive by building relationships with potential candidates, creating a pool of eager applicants whenever there is an opening.


Corporate Alumni Programs Fare Better When Recruiting Isn’t the Sole Focus

In a recent Recruiting Daily Advisor article, Paula Santonocito uncovered the untapped talent pool that corporate alumni programs can offer. While corporate alumni programs are a great way to recruit talent, the programs work better when the focus isn’t solely on recruiting, according to a new survey released by EnterpriseAlumni—a corporate alumni platform.


Learning About the Job

On April 26, thousands of your future job candidates learned about career opportunities by participating in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. While it is a once-a-year event, the program can serve as a model for encouraging young people to explore careers.