It’s Not a Moonlighter’s Market

Yesterday we saw how more than half of workers, if given an opportunity, would seek employment elsewhere-whether it’s for better pay, better positions, or better locations. But what about those who don’t have such an opportunity? Slow wage growth continues to impact many U.S. workers, with 89% of moonlighters planning to keep their part-time second […]

Survey Suggests It’s A Worker’s Market

Over 50% of workers surveyed in the United States may apply for a new job in 2016 as they look for higher salaries, better titles, and more ideal locations, according to a new report from job site Indeed. Of 1,052 workers in the U.S., 25% said seeking a new job is definitely on their list […]

Make Sure Your Manager Can Say Being Your Boss Is Pretty Great

National Car Rental’s new commercial asks, “What’s it like to be the boss of you?” And it also answers the question: “Pretty great.” The actor in the commercial, Patrick Warburton, then negotiates a 20 percent raise for himself with himself. If only life were that easy! But I like the question the commercial asks. “What’s […]

New Marijuana Laws and Your Drug Policy

Yesterday’s Advisor explored how legal marijuana use and drug interviews and policies mix. Today, more from Tim Thoelecke on that topic, plus some handy tips. By Tim Thoelecke Marijuana is mainstream, or trying to be. Indeed, many have made the assumption that marijuana is no longer the danger that we once thought it was. Oddly, […]

Your Drug Policy and Marijuana Legalization

A number of states have various degrees of marijuana legalization. What does that mean for drug testing during hiring and other drug policy matters? Tim Thoelecke helps us find out. By Tim Thoelecke In fact, an estimated 23.9 million Americans currently use illicit drugs. Two-thirds of those are employed and may be working for you! […]

Not All Millennials Are ‘Different’

Yesterday’s Advisor presented findings from a Millennial recruiting survey from FirstJob, an organization that specializes in early career hiring. Today, the other side of the coin—maybe there is no generational difference. Not long ago, the HR Daily Advisor® ran a story called “I Y My Millennials.” In it, Editor Steve Bruce extolled the work ethic […]

How to Get Millennials Excited About Working for You

It’s hard to open any HR-related materials without finding a reference to “how to manage Millennials,” as though they are a very different breed from those who came into the workplace before them. Others, of course, aren’t sure there’s such a big difference. How Should You Go About Recruiting Millennials? FirstJob, an organization that specializes […]

Don’t Hesitate to Tell Your Coworkers How Much They Mean to You

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day. Here’s hoping you got to spend it with loved ones. My wife and I traveled to visit our daughter at college and got to spend the day with her. It was a good day and everything I could ask for to celebrate my February holiday. I remember as a kid […]

FMLA and Joint Employment

Yesterday we heard from Susan Prince, JD, MSL, and legal editor at BLR®, concerning the complexities of joint employment. Today we’ll hear what she has to say about joint employment and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). By Susan Prince, JD, MSL, Legal Editor at BLR FMLA and Joint Employment The analysis for determining […]