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#WarforTalentLetters Hit Close to Home for Many

Over the summer of 2018, a hashtag on Twitter went viral after conspiracy theorist Alex Jones announced that “liberals were planning a second Civil War.” Needless to say, this was false, and the Twitterverse turned this nontruth into the most hilarious trending hashtag: #lettersfromthesecondcivilwar. What does this have to do with recruiting you ask? Three words: War for Talent.


Source: Chertanova / Shutterstock

We’ve all heard the phrase “war for talent,” but one Twitter user has had enough of the term, saying:

RecruitCon 2019 co-presenter Katrina Kibben, of Three Ears Media, quickly jumped on this trend:

To assist in the “war” newfound technologies emerged:

One recruiter fighting the good “war” even encountered ghosts! Spooky!

But sadly, the War for Talent rages on:

But alas, even jobseekers tried to “enlist” in the “war.”

While the “war for talent” continues for some, other “fighters” are waving the white flag, and honestly, the lack of avocado toast would make us back out as well!

Here’s to the recruiters still in the game, we hope you win the war for that perfect purple squirrel!

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