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New Recruitment Platform Takes Assessments to the Next Level

There’s been much discussion about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruiting process. While most focus on the bias-aspect of AI, many are seeing the benefits this technology offers to recruiters and hiring managers at all levels. If you aren’t using AI in the hiring process, what is a better time to start than now!


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There’s a new talent assessment platform that’s hitting the market and it’s designed to improve and streamline Human Resources (HR) recruiting and management.  The newest talent platform, InVista, uses science and technology to bring the latest and best practices of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to the hiring market.

“Recruiting is too important to leave to chance,” says Craig Dawson, PhD and Director of HR assessments for InVista. “Hiring the wrong person lowers performance, destroys organizational morale, and costs businesses money. InVista was designed to bring science and objectivity into the recruitment and hiring process so businesses can hire the right person the first time.”

Developed by experienced I-O Psychologists, InVista draws on more than 40 years of scientifically reliable, valid, and predictive success in psychometric and clinical assessment. It offers individual tests for targeted and precise measurement needs, role-specific solutions that measure specific competencies linked to job performance, and advanced solutions for leadership or high-potential staff assessment.

“Our products help you identify the necessary abilities for job performance and link those abilities to customized hiring solutions,” Dawson said. “We can develop tests to measure virtually any competency, skill, or knowledge domain relevant to your business.”

Developed by HR professionals for HR professionals, the new platform was designed with both professionals and job candidates in mind. It’s optimized for mobile use, intuitive, and easy to navigate and provides a seamless testing experience. The platform tracks talent assessment performance and monitors results, manages assessment events, offers customized communication templates, and produces easy-to-interpret candidate and development reports.