Employer Branding

What if You Could Reduce Employee Turnover?

On Friday, we heard from Author Donna Cutting on how to keep employee morale up and, therefore, reduce the amount of recruiting you need to do because of turnover. Today, we present more from Cutting.

Day 5

Start a “traveling trophy.” Find something fun to use as a trophy. It could be a rubber chicken, a stuffed animal, or something humorous that goes along with your mission or brand. Give it to one of your team members and tell him or her specifically why he or she is the recipient of this award. When an hour is up, the recipient needs to find someone else who makes a difference, and then pay it forward. Keep going all day long and see who ends up with the trophy at the end of the day.

This one is great for obvious reasons. First of all, it provides a visual display of appreciation. That creates a positive message within the workplace. Secondly, by allowing the trophy to travel, you create an inclusive atmosphere among your employees/coworkers. And additionally, if you choose to make the traveling trophy a daily activity, rather than an hourly one, you can make the expression of appreciation long-term.

Day 6

Have lunch with one or two of your direct reports. Talk to them about their career goals, and where they see themselves in 5 years. Consider where you might be able to encourage them and help them. If possible, delegate something challenging to them that would help them along their desired path. Then ask for their opinions, no holds barred, about how things are going at work. What are their specific concerns? What are their specific suggestions for improvement? Thank them for their input and try to either appease their concerns, or implement at least one of their ideas. Be sure to give them credit.

Above all else, your employees need to like that their opinions matter, and that their voices are heard. Taking the time to take them out to lunch, away from the workplace, shows that you’re making an effort to be approachable. You want your employees to feel comfortable coming to you with problems, so you can help foster a sense of teamwork and community.

Additionally, giving them a chance to be heard in a neutral space will help them feel both appreciated and seen. In a team, every person matters and every person is important, so giving them credit for their ideas is just as important as hearing them.

Day 7

Bring in treats to say thank you to the entire team.

There’s no better way to say “thank you” like four boxes of pizza and a giant cake. It’s a classic show of appreciation for everyone. It fosters positive socialization among your employees and celebrates everything you’ve all achieved as a team. It allows your employees to rest from their work and encourages everyone to take the time and opportunity to say “thank-you” to everyone. Go team!

Donna Cutting is the author of 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers: Easy-to-Implement Ideas to Inspire Loyalty, Get New Customers, and Leave a Lasting Impression. For the entire list of 21 Days of Thank You, visit the www.redcarpetlearning.com website.