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Why Referrals Might Be the Best Source of Candidates

A survey by Jobvite® shows that 78% of recruiters believe they found their best recruits through referrals. Today we’ll explore how to take advantage of this information.

Highlights of the Jobvite survey:

  • Recruiters are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market
  • 95% of recruiters anticipate the job market to remain or get more competitive.
  • 92% of recruiters are using social media in recruiting efforts.
  • 19% of recruiters find quality hires via mobile career sites.
  • After referrals (78%), recruiters find their best candidates through social and professional networks (56%) and intern-to-hire programs (55%).
  • 56% of recruiters cite the lack of skilled or qualified talent as a key stumbling block.

Social Media Rules

Only 4% of recruiters DON’T use social media in the recruiting process, say Jobvite survey respondents. 4% aren’t sure, but 92% of recruiters do use social media. Here’s where they say they are looking:

Other responses included Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Periscope.

Where Do You Find Candidates?

Recruiters find candidates from various places, but referrals remain the most effective source of quality hires, says Jobvite.

Average number of applications per requisition:

Sectors more likely than average to receive 251+ applications include: marketing, finance, government, and hospitality, according to the Jobvite Survey.

Average Time to Hire

Survey respondents reported the following time-to-hire figures.

Small Teams Face Steep Quotas

A full 95% of recruiters responding to the Jobvite survey anticipate the hunt for talent to remain or get more competitive in the next 12 months. Over a quarter of companies responding anticipate hiring 100+ people in the next 12 months.

And that percentage skyrockets for fast-growth industries like telecommunications, hospitality, and health care, says Jobvite.

Stumbling Blocks

Internal bottlenecks have a real impact on hiring efficiency. Recruiters cite these as top challenges:

The following issues top the list of other obstacles confronting recruiters, according to the survey:

The survey found differences in certain industries:

  • 93% of recruiters in hospitality found the lack of skilled workers to be a huge problem.
  • 62% of recruiters in education said lack of budget is a challenge.
  • 28% of midwestern recruiters found that their location made it difficult to attract candidates.

In tomorrow’s Advisor, more survey results