Pay Budgets and Variable Pay—What’s Really Happening?

Increases. Budgets. Bonuses. Variable Pay. Compensation is never a simple issue, but it’s an important cornerstone of employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as talent acquisition. What’s happening with pay budgets and variable pay in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!

Please participate in our brief survey and see how what you are doing stacks up against what other successful companies are doing.

We’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • Will your employees receive salary increases in 2016?
  • What is the average merit increase budgeted for 2016?
  • If bonuses are awarded, will they be given in lieu of increases, in addition to increases, or both?
  • What types of variable pay plans are provided?
  • How important is variable pay to your recruiting and retention programs?

Participate in this brief survey and see how the training programs your company offers stack up against those of other successful companies.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete.

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No individual organization’s information will be shared. Only results in the aggregate will be sent to participants or used by BLR® for articles or in any other form of distribution.

More and more, engagement and retention are the watchwords of HR, and compensation is obviously a major factor. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey—and make sure your practices are competitive.

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Thank you for your valued input.

Dan Oswald

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