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Watch Out: Gender Pay Equity Law Is on the Move

Gender pay equity is a perennial social, political, and ultimately legal issue in our country. Corporate general counsel and HR professionals have watched this issue ebb and flow, and we are now seeing a new flow, but not from where it was expected.


How to Incorporate Mobile Tech into Your Recruiting Process

With ever-increasing smartphone usage across the population, employers and retailers alike are looking for better ways to reach their customers via mobile technology. For recruiters and HR teams, the “customer” means employees and applicants; more and more jobseekers are using their phones as a key component in their job search. Recruiters may be losing out […]


Hiring Contingents? Make Sure You’ve Planned How to Manage Them

Bringing on contingent workers can be a good way to tackle staffing challenges brought on by a number of factors, such as the need to temporarily ramp up staffing numbers during an especially busy time and to take care of tasks outside an employer’s core business. But an important part of making the decision to […]