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Once candidates are found, a variety of measures may help employers choose the final candidate. This may involve interviews, tests, assessment centers, or other means of evaluation.

Keep it Classy When It Comes to Rejecting Candidates

The recruiting and hiring process sometimes seems like it never ends. Even after you’ve found and hired a great candidate, there are still more steps to take. One step that some employers and recruiters opt to skip is the follow-up with candidates who were not selected. This can be uncomfortable and time-consuming and may not […]


The Latest Business Practice: Relaxing Standards

Maybe you’ve started to notice it at local businesses you frequent. The cashier at the supermarket looks unkempt. The new receptionist at the salon has no customer service skills. You thank the waiter for bringing the check, but he doesn’t thank you.


Critical Interviewing Basics

In yesterday’s Advisor, we gave some tips on how to get an interview started on the right foot and how to present the organization to the applicant during the interview. Today we’ll provide some more tips, this time focusing on the next parts of the interview: learning about the applicant and closing the interview.


Interviewing 101

Interviewing potential new employees can be exciting and overwhelming. It represents hope and opportunity, but there are also plenty of legal pitfalls to avoid, so it’s important to have a plan before you get started.


Making the Most of Personality Tests

One of the toughest decisions an HR professional has to make is who to hire. You probably have at least one story of a candidate who aced the interview and had great credentials but bombed in whatever job he or she was hired to perform. Hiring decisions can be stressful not just from an economics […]