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Once candidates are found, a variety of measures may help employers choose the final candidate. This may involve interviews, tests, assessment centers, or other means of evaluation.

Did You Know That the ADA Covers Applicants Too?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we noted the fact that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protections extend not just to employees but also to applicants. We started a list of tips for employers looking to avoid disability discrimination in the hiring process. Here are some more:


How to Avoid Disability Discrimination in the Hiring Process

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s illegal to discriminate against an individual on the basis of his or her disability. This discrimination protection extends to anyone who is assumed to have a disability and also to those who associate with others who have a disability. This protection extends who not only employees but […]


Some Tips for Hiring Telecommuting Employees

Employers today often find there are a dearth of available candidates located in the exact geographic location where they would like to post a job. This is but one of many reasons for the increase of telecommuting in today’s workforce. By allowing telecommuting, the employer is greatly expanding the geographic reach for candidates, since they […]


The Most Important Interview Question

While it’s helpful to ask a job candidate to elaborate on his or her skills and attributes, and to share past challenges as well as successes, there is one question that will provide special insight—and you want to make sure you ask it.