Category: Reference & Background Checks

Reference checking and background checking are critical (but not easy) parts of the recruiting process. Legal pitfalls abound, especially with discrimination, privacy, and third party participation.

Fatal Injuries on the Job

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its latest annual report on occupational injuries, which serves, among other things, to alert companies to the hazards of certain jobs.


Candidate Screening, Yankees Style

Most job candidate searches happen behind the scenes, and behind closed doors. But the New York Yankees have been conducting a highly public search for a new manager. Could corporate America borrow a page from the team’s talent acquisition playbook?


Should You Be Seeking Change-Adapters?

A recent study conducted by PsychTests, a provider of psychological assessments for human resources, therapists, academics, researchers, and others, finds that people who embrace and thrive in changing times are not only resilient – they’re open-minded, curious, driven, and so much more.