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What’s happening in the world of recruiting, including new approaches, new technology, surveys, legal issues, and more.

They Just Want to Be Noticed

In yesterday’s Advisor we took a look at a study done by CareerBuilder concerning what lengths candidates will go to in order to get noticed. Today we’ll see a few more examples along with some suggestions on how to handle them.


Renewed Interest in Apprenticeships

In June, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at expanding apprenticeships and reforming ineffective education and workforce development programs.


What Won’t Candidates Do to Get Noticed?

As recruiter, you’ve probably seen your fair share of unusual methods from candidates. Today we’ll look at a list of what some have tried and how you might handle them.


Financial Security is Important for Millennials

In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at a survey showing that Millennials might not be prioritizing workplace satisfaction over financial security, as has been suggested previously. Today we will review the details of that study.