Don’t Be Rude to Job Applicants

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the fact that many job applicants walk away from the process frustrated, often because of a perceived lack of information or follow through from employers. There are many ways the process can be improved. Here are a few more ways to treat applicants better:


You Wouldn’t Be Rude to Job Applicants? Would You?

Time and time again, it seems job applicants are frustrated with the entire recruiting process. From applying for jobs from which they never hear back, to hearing back long after they’ve accepted an inferior opportunity, the job search can be frustrating. This situation is less than optimal for either side—employers risk losing out on good […]


Watch Out: Gender Pay Equity Law Is on the Move

Gender pay equity is a perennial social, political, and ultimately legal issue in our country. Corporate general counsel and HR professionals have watched this issue ebb and flow, and we are now seeing a new flow, but not from where it was expected.